Should you play RAID Shadow Legends in 2023?

18.03.2023 | Hi-Tech | Просмотры: 267

It’s easy to get confused by the variety of online entertainment, but the RAID Shadow Legends in 2023 will be of interest mainly to mobile gamers who want to have fun. So is it worth playing for beginners? Or are the servers crowded with experienced gamers who easily endure beginners? The situation is clear.

The first advantage of the game lies in its enormous variety, as there are more than 400 heroes to choose from, distributed across 16 unique factions. You will meet classic fantasy races (like elves and orcs), as well as very exotic ones (lizard people and not only). The main task is to consistently clean up the kingdom.

We need to win back the lands that were previously lost and taken away. We consistently collect an army for ourselves, select the optimal units and take into account the unique actions performed by creatures. The balance is well honed, so each type of unit can be useful, able to defeat some enemy, but it is not immortal either.

RAID Shadow Legends 2022 review – is it worth playing?

We get a relatively simple start with a minimum entry threshold. The development process takes 10-20 minutes, after which you will 100% learn the basics of the gameplay. You can use RAID promo codes to get special skills and benefits. References to the "Lord of the Rings" are found regularly, and the general atmosphere corresponds to the immortal creations of the Professor. In addition to single battles, there are also multiplayer battles, even championships are held.

After the completion of the next fight, the stage of arranging your “nest” begins, which in parallel is the base. Therefore, you need to rebuild a massive bastion where the training takes place. You can customize the training process depending on the PvP / PvE activities. For the successful conduct of battles, we get the most useful trophies and improve the individual skill.

Bribes and a pleasant visual component. The picture is nice, especially if you use a flagship smartphone. We add to the pluses an excellent background music and a good voice acting.